About this site

Why another blog?

Whatever problems the internet may be facing, a shortage of opinions isn’t one of them. So why add more?

I believe that many people today – probably most of them – are feeling lost, angry, frightened or at least disquieted by the state of the industrialised world. I know I am. Everything seems to be getting out of control – of politicians and of individuals. The mainstream media is selective in what it covers and has forfeited the trust of many in its reliability.

On the other hand, social media is a poisoned well, and it’s hard to know who (if anyone) can be trusted there either. Governments, corporations and other sectarian interests are all trying to control it, and by extension public opinion.

There is very little in the way of informed debate or reasoned discussion, and what there is tends to be very specific in its focus and very limited in historical scope. What we face is a huge tangle of interconnected issues, and we need to get a handle on the whole mess, not just this or that part.

This blog hopes to be the home of a sane conversation about all this. I plan on regular weekly updates on a Tuesday at 9:00AM, UK time.

About me

I am deliberately being vague about my identity, simply because I wish to focus attention on what is being said rather than on who is saying it, in the hope that it will be taken on its merits.

I will admit to being a native and (currently) resident of the UK.

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